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..... Search the web using all the popular Engines -  from one place.  A very simple, but quite useful CGI/Perl program.

Kennedy Library
Search Engine

..... Quickly search the over 3000 web pages Kennedy Library possesses.  The nightly index-engine is written in C++ with heavy use of Csh/Unix/scripting commands. The run-time search program is written in Perl.
The Data Genie ..... Specify a subject, how soon you need it, and the media you want it in.  Get the information you need right away.  Written entirely in Perl.
..... One of the best resources on the net if you need a Government Publication. A Perl program generates all of the pages in the frameset from a specially formatted Excel file.
Online Calendar/
..... Reserve a Room in the library (staff only).  A fairly sophisticated Perl database program that tracks multiple simultaneous users.
Web - Stat ..... Comprehensive Statistics generated monthly for Kennedy Library's Web Site.  Uses Perl and Python programming languages.