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Download Indeo 5.06 (804K)
You'll need the Intel/Indeo Video 5 driver before you can play many of the animations. The high-quality animations look best if you set them to full-screen and to auto-repeat.  Indeo 5 requires a fast cpu.
HQ=High Quality,   MQ=Medium Quality,   LQ=Low Quality(preview)
Sorry, these are all offline until further notice.
You're a Wonderful Man How To Write Women
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In this scene, the maid tries to be nice to Nicolson... BIG MISTAKE!
HQ-(4876K)  mpeg, 66 secs@24 fps, st
She wants to know how Nicolson writes women so well.. (heh heh)
HQ-(2941K)  mpeg, 39 secs@24 fps, st
Starvin Marvin
What is That?
Starvin Marvin eats Cartman's cheesy poofs.  Then Cartman gets screwed in Ethernopia. The turkeys have landed, and Chef has to rally the troops. But something keeps bugging him.
MQ-(1286K)   indeo5, 42 secs@15 fps MQ-(1676K)   indeo5,  60 secs@15 fps
Cartman is all alone in Ethernopia.  Has his god forsaken him?.
MQ-(609K)   indeo5, 29 secs@15 fps

Last Updated: 02/18/05.