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Download Indeo 5.06 (804K)
You'll need the Intel/Indeo Video 5 driver before you can play most of the animations. The high-quality animations look best if you set them to full-screen and to auto-repeat.  Indeo 5 requires a fast cpu.
HQ=High Quality,   MQ=Medium Quality,   LQ=Low Quality(preview)
Four Seasons
4seasons9.JPG (12007 bytes)
Alien Transformations
rotation2.JPG (10332 bytes)
Take a bumby ride through this earthly landscape.  The seasons change from Summer to Fall, Winter, Spring, and then back to Summer again. Quicky fly around this strange alien world.  Notice the land transforming before your very eyes.
48 secs@15 fps
48 secs@15 fps
17 secs@15 fps
17 secs@15 fps
Soaring Falls
good-soar.JPG (7944 bytes)
Soar on a hang glider through this fantastic scape.  Keep your eyes out for the mystical waterfalls.
47 secs@15 fps
47 secs@15 fps

Last Updated: 02/18/05.