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Download Indeo 5.06 (804K)
You'll need the Intel/Indeo Video 5 driver before you can play most of the animations. The high-quality animations look best if you set them to full-screen and to auto-repeat.  Indeo 5 requires a fast cpu.
HQ=High Quality,   MQ=Medium Quality,   LQ=Low Quality(preview)
Double Trouble
dualstarboom.JPG (12698 bytes)
Star Struck
starhitsscrn.JPG (7611 bytes)
A star shape explodes over a wavy ocean.  As the explosion clears, another growing borg shape inside explodes again. Then everything goes back together. The Borg star explodes over ground and pieces fly directly at the camera.  The explosion here is more of a chain reaction.
HQ-(3546K)    30 secs@15 fps MQ - (788k)   5 secs@30 fps
Bouncin' Stairs
Bouncin'Stairs.jpg (13787 bytes)
guppies-box2b.JPG (12287 bytes)
Jello cubes, triangos, and rubber balls bounce down the stairs like a slinky would.  The camera zooms out and pans to the right. Guppies are released into this unusual tank  Follow one of them and watch him navigate his way.
HQ-(1855K)   14 secs@24 fps HQ-(2253K)   25 secs@24 fps

Last Updated: 02/18/05.